Winter Maintenance for Your Excavator

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In the winter season, in order to prevent the occurrence of freezing and cracking engine accidents, pure antifreeze must be used. Antifreeze plays a vital role in the performance and service life of the engine and enables the engine to perform its best performance in harsh environments. Its main functions are as follows:

★ Protect engine cooling system from rust and corrosion in the watercourse

★ Prevent scale and avoid reducing the heat dissipation effect of the radiator

★ Ensure that the engine works efficiently within the normal temperature range

★ In cold areas with a temperature lower than -15 ℃, customers should recommend 10W-30 oil and -45 # antifreeze during maintenance. In other seasons, 15W-40 oil and -35 # antifreeze can be used.


How to use diesel-it matters

The fuel for excavator construction in winter can be selected according to the temperature, and serious consequences can be caused by improper use. Low temperature makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, viscosity increases, it is not easy to spread out, resulting in poor atomization and deterioration of combustion, leading to the decline of diesel engine's power and economic performance. When the local air temperature is lower than 4 ℃, choose a brand of fuel suitable for the local environment.

Fuel oil standards:

★ 0 # Diesel: suitable for minimum temperature above 4 ℃

★ -10 # Diesel: suitable for minimum temperature above -5 ℃

★ -20 # diesel: suitable for minimum temperature above -14 ℃

★ -35 # Diesel: suitable for minimum temperature above -29 ℃

★ -50 # diesel: suitable for minimum temperature above -44 ℃

White smoke when the device starts in winter

In winter, the engine is in a low ambient temperature, and there is a small amount of condensed water in the intake and exhaust systems due to temperature differences. When the equipment is cold-started, part of the fuel is not fully burned, and the unburned oil vapor and water form steam to exit the engine.

At this time, the external temperature of the engine is low, and the steam is rapidly liquefied, resulting in a white exhaust when starting. Due to the low temperature of the engine cylinder after starting, a small part of the fuel has not completely burned. At this time, the exhaust smoke is blue and white, and it has a pungent odor (note: the blue smoke produced by burning engine oil has no pungent odor).

After warming up for 5-10 minutes, the smoke color of the exhaust gas returns to normal. This phenomenon does not affect the normal performance of the equipment. It is normal and does not worry.


Drain cooling water

Before idling, run at idle speed. When the temperature of the cooling water drops below 60 degrees, the water is not hot, and then turn off the flame and discharge the water. When draining the water, completely drain the remaining water in the body to prevent the water from freezing and expanding and causing the body to burst.

Battery maintenance

When winter comes, the outdoor temperature is too low, which will cause the battery's storage capacity to weaken. Pay attention to the battery voltage value, otherwise, the battery will be out of power the next day. If conditions permit, the battery should be removed and placed indoors.


Body insulation

After the construction is completed in winter, cover the engine with thermal insulation curtains and insulation sleeves. If necessary, use cardboard to block the wind in front of the radiator. On some engines, install the organic oil radiator. Do not flow through the oil radiator; try to park the excavator in the garage.

Doesn't use for a long time

★ Cleaning: If there is dirt on the surface of the excavator, please clean it up and keep the whole machine clean.

★ Engine: Check the antifreeze liquid level and engine oil level, check whether the oil quality is normal, and check whether the fluid is leaking. If the weather is extremely cold and the excavator has a long shutdown time, drain the engine's coolant clean.

★ Hydraulic system: Check the motors, cylinders, main pumps, pipelines, joints for leaks, check whether the cylinder rods are scratched and corroded, and the exposed parts of the cylinder rods and gas spring rods need to be greased for protection.

★ Electrical system: To prevent the battery from feeding when the excavator is stored for a long time, please remove the negative wire of the battery. If the weather is extremely cold, remove the battery and put it in a warm place for storage. Normal; black: insufficient charging; white: battery damaged).

★ Anti-rust operation: If it is parked for more than one month, make sure to perform an anti-rust operation for more than 30 minutes every month.