11 Best Excavator Parts Wholesale Distributor in Asia,US,Europe,Africa,South/North America

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With an increased number of excavator usage in the world, the demand of excavator spare parts has increased. Therefore, a lot of parts wholesale distribution companies were founded to satisfy the demand for excavator spare parts.

The increased number of excavators leads to the increasing number of the demand of excavator spare parts. We expect to see tremendous growth of excavator spare parts wholesale business this year due to the increasing number of excavator warranty and maintenance services. As more and more excavator is widely used, the demand for aftermarket products such as body parts, undercarriage parts, electronic parts, hydraulic system parts, and engine parts has increased.

Millions of excavator spare parts are exported to global daily. Parts distribution company could help you excavator parts of business development.

Global Areas with The High Supply for Excavator Spare Parts

  • Asia

  • US

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • South America

  • North America

We have listed 11 best and known distributors for excavator spare parts wholesale. It enables you to identify them and also learn the products and the different prices they provide.

Here is a list of all of the excavator spare parts wholesale distributors




Customer reviews


Undercarriage Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Engine Parts, Electronic Parts, Cooling and Maintain Parts like Filters, Rubber Hoses and etc. for Caterpillar Parts, Komatsu Parts, Hitachi Parts, Hyundai Parts, Kobelco Parts




Undercarriage Parts, Engine Parts, and Buckets




Wholesale of excavator spare parts

Used excavator trading

Excavator rental

Excavator maintenance




Thumbs, Angle Tilt Buckets, Grading Buckets, Clamps, Crushers, Rippers and Grapples




Undercarriage Parts, Rubber Tracks, Engine Parts




Wear Parts, Undercarriage Parts, Rubber Track Chain, Attachments




Gears and Undercarriage Parts




Stop Solenoids, Water Pumps, Glass, Brake Parts, Universal Joints, and Prop Shafts




Transmission Parts, Gear Sets, Engine Parts, Hoses, Bearings, and Pumps




Undercarriage, Buckets, Rubber tracks, Bolts, and Nuts

South America



Undercarriage 、Track Adjusters、Mufflers、Ground Engaging Tools and Front End Parts

North America


Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in Asia


If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for excavator parts or if you want to buy one at a wholesale price in China. Then excavator-part may be your best choice. You could get your products from their website or visit their local store: 18-C Kelin Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou China


excavator-part.com provides a one-stop service platform for parts purchasers, involved with the entire excavator spare parts from body parts to undercarriage parts. There're around 20 thousand SKUs online, including undercarriage parts, hydraulic parts, engine parts, electronic parts, cooling and some maintain parts like filters, rubber hoses and etc. for Caterpillar parts, Komatsu parts, Hitachi parts, Hyundai parts, Kobelco parts.


     If you're a price chooser, their MOQ is 1 at wholesale price. At the same time, if you don't want to comprise on quality, you could count on their quality assurance. excavator.com has large stock available. If you want to check if the goods you need are in stock, you could contact: Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat:  +86 138 2229 1434



Maxis Corporation is a merged company of Tokushu Kouzai and Juki Buhin. Through the many years, they have been able to distribute superior-high-quality excavator spare parts and accessories national wide. They have a huge stock of high-quality excavator spare parts in their warehouse which makes fast shipment. 

Like undercarriage parts, engine parts, and buckets. They cover the Japanese brand; Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Kobelco, Kato, Yanmar, etc...

If you want to know more or even to visit it, we will tell you the detailed address, you can contact:Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat:  +86 138 2229 1454



lmjx.net comes the top 5 of the list in China’s largest wholesale market of among those excavator spare parts online stores. It is a great online shop to visit and its spare parts are at affordable prices.

Their business scope has wholesale of excavator spare parts, used excavator trading, excavator rental, excavator maintenance.

They have professionals 24 hours, if you have questions about excavator spare parts, you can contact:Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat:  +86 138 2229 1425

Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in the US


With over 60 years of engineering expertise in the development of excavator attachments, Geith is a company that is well-known and appreciated for its wide and safe range of quick hitches as well as its selection of excavator buckets. The excavator attachment includes thumbs, angle tilt buckets, grading buckets, clamps, crushers, rippers and grapples.

If you are looking for an excavator attachment, this will be a better choice for you.



ITR America is an online marketing platform for purchasing high-quality aftermarket excavator spare parts. The company in partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of service and repair parts for earthmoving equipment. ITR America mainly deals in undercarriage parts, rubber tracks, engine parts, etc.they will provide you with a wide range of excavator spare parts for your car at a suitable price

Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in the Europe


Cohidrex supplies spare parts, accessories, and implements for Public Works, Construction and Mining machinery. Like, wear parts, undercarriage parts, rubber track chain, Attachments, and some other spare parts.

A selection of leading brands, whose products offer high performance and optimal results. Cohidrex has perfectly distributed warehouses to optimize marketing, as well as to accommodate a large stock that guarantees immediate availability. 



KETRAL company is the leading supplier of new, as well as used spare parts for tracked machines on the Polish market. They specialize in selling high-quality planetary gears and undercarriage parts for tracked machines. Feel free to file any requests for the quotation of final drives for your excavator, crusher, or other tracked machine, as well as for any individual parts of the undercarriage.



Red Plant Sales Ltd has spent many years developing their knowledge of construction equipment spares and in particular rubber tracks, undercarriage, final drives, and rubber pads. Expanding the range rapidly to cover stop solenoids, water pumps, glass, brake parts, universal joints and prop shafts to name but a few.

If you want to buy local excavator accessories products in the UK, this will be a good choice.

Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in Africa


diggerparts.co.za stocks a wide variety of Galion, Clark, Caterpillar, and Komatsu parts. It mainly specializes in transmission parts, gear sets, engine parts, hoses, bearings, and pumps. If you are looking for a parts company in Africa, it may be your choice. Their main market is in South Africa and some neighbor countries.

Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in South America


Tmaxtractor is a supplier of excavator accessories in Brazil. They are mainly engaged in the Undercarriage, Buckets, Rubber tracks, Bolts, and nuts. They provide customers with high quality, world-class service, and the most advanced excavator equipment. If you are looking for excavator spare parts, this is a good choice for you.

Excavator Spare Parts Wholesaler in North America


VTP specializes in the distribution of excavator parts for various machines, including Caterpillar, Case, Hitachi, Komatsu,Linkbert, Hyundai, Volvo, Daewoo. They provide various spare parts of undercarriage 、Track Adjusters、Mufflers、Ground Engaging Tools and Front End Parts. They also focus on stocking hard-to-find parts to accommodate imported machines from rare brands.

FAQs of Wholesale Excavator Spare Parts

Q: Can I wholesale excavator spare parts on eBay or Amazon?

A:eBay and Amazon offer only some excavator spare parts, therefore, you may not get enough products you need. For business, a one-stop service is more professional for you. It is unable to negotiate on these platforms. It would be better to buy your parts from the special parts store.

Q: Some precautions for purchasing wholesale excavator spare parts from transnational?.

  • Cost performance

As we know, most excavator spare parts made of steel or iron. The metal casting parts(steel, iron) like undercarriage parts, idlers, track rollers, or sprockets cost more than other parts.  If you want to save your investment cost for your machine,  it is important for you to find the specific wholesalers. Parts produced by those countries (like China) with more steel or iron development, their cost is low.  In other words, the cost performance is way too much better than others.  Therefore, you could get equal products from them at a good wholesale price.

  • One-stop service

If you need various kinds of excavators wear-parts, it will spend you a lot of time to get it from the different stores. You need to find a store that could provide one-stop service from body parts to undercarriage parts, with engine parts, hydraulic parts, electronic parts and etc for most famous brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Kobelco and so on.

Easy to communicate on the platform

  • Online assistance

An online assistance service is necessary. If you need large in quantity, you could negotiate with the sellers via these platforms. What's more, if you have any technical problems, you could chat with its team online at any time. They will help you resolve the problems with their professional excavator knowledge.

  • In stock

Large warehouse stock available is necessary for some parts purchasers. It could help you save your time and avoid that your machine stops working for a long time.


With the world's large-scale construction of houses and roads, the demand for excavator parts grows fast. Don't you want to start your spare parts wholesale business from now? We all know that the demands for excavator spare parts are high and the wholesalers in the sector are a few, excavator spare parts production is also high so this is the best business you can be offered. If you have a better wholesale of excavators' supplier recommendation, welcome to contact the author. You could contact: Tel/WhatsApp/WeChat:  +86 138 2229 1425.