The rain keeps falling. Do these four points to extend the life of the excavator!

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The continuous rainy weather not only affects travel but also affects people's moods. Moreover, for an excavator such as a machine that works in the open air, continuous rainy days will also affect its difficulty and equipment status. It is said that the excavator is "three-point repair and seven-point maintenance". Many details during work will determine the service life and depreciation of the excavator, especially on rainy days, it is even more important to pay attention to details. So, what do the excavators need to pay special attention to in the rain?


  • "Take a bath" frequently

Many people think that the washing of rainwater can take a bath for the excavator.  Godsend "shower" saves money and trouble, but this is not the case. You know, the construction environment of the excavator is relatively harsh. After heavy rain, the body is often covered with sludge, such as bucket oil cylinders. If the sludge is not washed away in time, it will easily cause damage to the oil seal. This may lead to oil leaks, and even worse, even pull cylinders.

Therefore, work in rainy, we must remember to "bath" the excavator and clean the sludge from the car body.


  • Waxing of paint

Many people think that the maintenance of the painted surface of an excavator is not an important part of maintenance, but everyone must know that some acidic components contained in rainwater can cause strong damage to the painted surface. 

The most effective and easiest way is to wax the excavator, or you can choose a more expensive but more durable solution: sealing glaze. Do n’t think it ’s redundant. When you find out that the excavator is shining in a few years, you will know how important this protective clothing is!


  • Undercarriage care

The cleaning and rust prevention work of the undercarriage is also easily overlooked by most people. Especially in summer, the construction environment is potty and muddy. If you look closely at the undercarriage, you will find that it is covered with dirt!

Rust, looseness, and perforation are commonplace, so we must not neglect the cleaning of the undercarriage, and we also need to check whether the screws are loose, and water and mud are cleaned.


  • The terminal is wet

Many people may have encountered that when starting the excavator after heavy rain, there is a clear sense of powerlessness, and even very difficult to start. Experienced old drivers will directly tell you that this is because the ignition system is damp and leaking electricity!

Therefore, whenever the rainy season is approaching, everyone should prepare dry towels or newspapers, paper towels and other items in advance, and do not start the excavator in a hurry. Be sure to dry the wires and terminals before starting.


The above situations are easy to ignore in daily work. Of course, work on rainy days, there are many things that the excavator needs to pay attention to. For example, we must prevent water from entering the air filter and then affecting the air intake, and pay close attention to the position of the oil dipstick. It is necessary to pay more attention to prevent the rainwater from being mixed in the engine oil. Pay special attention to the way and location of the shutdown, etc. These need to be paid more attention. 

In addition to these, daily maintenance should also pay more attention to it. We must pay attention to it from the heart, and do a good job in the maintenance of the excavator to increase the service life of the excavator.