Common Maintenance Methods and Matters Needing Attention for Excavators

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  1. Check the hour meter reading every day to see if the necessary maintenance time is reached.

  2. Use car windshield cleaner and make sure no dirt gets in.

  3. Use clean oil and grease, and keep the oil or grease container in place. Do not allow impurities to get into grease.

  4. Check the old oil and filter element for metal scraps and impurities, if any, find out the cause, and take measures to repair.

  5. Do not write a coarse filter element when filling fuel.

  6. Prevent things from falling into the inside of the machine or into the fuel tank.

  7. Always check air filters, clean radiators, clean and replace fuel filters when working in dusty areas. Clean dust on electrical components, especially motors and generators.

  8. When checking or changing oil, move the machine to a place free of dust.

  9. Avoid mixing lubricants.

  10.Lock cover.