How to Install Bucket Teeth?

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It’s important that you prepare ensure you’re wearing your correct personal protective equipment, before you begin your installation in order to minimise the risk of any injuries occurring. 

Follow the seven steps below to install excavator bucket tooth:


Step One

Remove the existing teeth by using a Fortus pin removal tool. Hammer the pin removal tool in to the pin from the side of the tooth with the retainer. (Hammering from the other side will take more time and effort to get the pin through the retainer)

Step Two

Remove the tooth and clean any excess dirt from the adaptor using a wire bristle brush, or any similar tool.

Step Three

Insert the retainer into the retainer recess in the adaptor.

Step Four

Position the tooth on the adaptor, ensuring that the retainer stays in place.

Step Five

Insert the pin through the tooth and adaptor from the opposite side of the retainer. This will make it far easier for the installation.

Be sure to insert the end of the pin with the recess first.

Step Six

Hammer the pin until the pin is flush with the end of the tooth.

Step Seven

Finally, the recess in the pin will lock into the retainer.

Through the above seven installation steps, you can easily install the excavator bucket tooth.