PC650-8 (140E-5) engine gear timing and valve adjustment teaching

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Timing gear docking diagram


Teaching Method of Adjusting Valve Clearance

                        Mark                     Part Number                   Part name
                          A                   Market purchase                 Feeler gauge 

I. Unload six-cylinder heads


II. Turn the crankshaft forward and set the "1.6TOP" mark of the shock absorber

(a) Align with pointer ⑵ and adjust No. 1 cylinder to compression top dead center.

★ Rotate the crankshaft at the hexagonal part at the end of the water pump to drive the shaft.

★ When the No. 1 cylinder is at the top dead center of compression, you can manually move the rocker arm of the No. 1 cylinder to the gap of the air valve. If it cannot be moved, the crankshaft can be rotated for more than one revolution.


III. Loosen the lock nut ⑷ when adjusting the screw (3).

★ After the No. 1 cylinder is set at the top dead center of compression, adjust the valve clearance of the No. 1 cylinder.

IIII. Insert the feeler gauge C into the gap between the rocker arm ⑸ and the crosshead ⑹, and use the adjusting screw ⑶ to adjust the air valve gap.

★ Insert the feeler gauge and set the adjusting screw to the point where you can move the feeler gauge slightly.

★ Air valve clearance, intake valve: 0.35mm, exhaust valve: 0.57mm

IIIII. When fixing the adjusting screw (3), tighten the locknut (4).

Nut: 45.1-51.0Nm {4.6-5.2kgm}.

★After tightening the lock nut, check the air valve gap again.


IIIIII. After the No. 1 cylinder is adjusted, rotate the crankshaft forward 120°, and according to the point

Adjust the clearance of each cylinder in the fire sequence.

★ Ignition sequence: 1-5-3-6-2-4