How to park the excavator, which posture is more scientific?

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For the daily parking methods of excavators, different digging friends may say different methods, but the most common should be the three methods of ABC in the following figure.

So which of the three methods is the most scientific? How do you park it?



The arm is perpendicular to the ground at 90 degrees, and the back of the bucket is flat against the ground. Each cylinder is in a state of no force, and there is no damage to the oil seal of the cylinder. But this way the bucket cylinder will show up! Therefore, in actual operation, in order to prevent accidents, many people have collected the bucket cylinder and let the bucket stand on the ground.

"Under normal circumstances, this method is used." Generally, the excavator is parked in this posture.


This kind of oil cylinder oil seal is stressed when parking and the cylinder is exposed outside, so there is almost no talent on the job site. However, this is the most common method of parking when the excavator is transported. Such parking can minimize the height and length of the excavator, and it will not be super high and long after loading, which is convenient for the transfer of the flatbed truck.

This method rarely appears in daily parking and is basically used when loading and transporting.


In this parking mode, the oil cylinders are all in a contracted state, which is conducive to protecting the oil cylinders and is also convenient for checking the hydraulic oil before working the next day.


If it is rainy or snowy weather or there is construction work such as firing near the site, it is recommended that everyone stop this way to better protect the cylinder of the excavator. If you catch up with the work stoppage or when the excavator is not working for a long time, such a stop can allow the oil cylinder to be completely soaked in the hydraulic oil, which greatly protects the life of the oil cylinder.

"This parking method will be used when the place is spacious, which is more secure and does not hinder people." ! "

The rainy season is approaching. Improper parking of the excavator may cause huge losses to the boss. If a detail is not noticed, it may be found by the accident! Therefore, pay attention when parking the excavator, and park the excavator on flat and solid ground.

In addition, we often hear about excavator bucket teeth, oil stolen and other incidents, so when parking the excavator, we must also pay attention to the corresponding precautions to avoid affecting the later construction. When the excavator is parked outdoors, be sure to check and empty the valuables in the excavator, and if necessary, install a few more own locks to prevent the loss and theft of the items.

For the excavator with a broken hammer, the following two points need to be noted:

If you do n’t use the breaker for a month, you need to place a sleeper cushion at the rear of the breaker, then release the nitrogen gas from the rear cylinder, push the piston into the middle cylinder, and place it in a dry place indoors to avoid the piston The water inlet rusts, causing damage to the piston oil seal.


If the breaker is not used for more than two months, the oil seal will be deformed and aged due to long-term storage, so the new oil seal should be replaced when it is used again.