Liebhar's new G7 product is about to be available in the whole line!

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Liebheier G7 series product is The German design team expert in 67 hydraulic Excavator R & D is based on the technology and A perfect combination and outbreak of practice, and further expanded Liebherr's product selection in this section of 26 to 50 tons, responding to market demand.

Liebherr G7 series

High performance

larger capacity bucket

More excavation, traction and rotation torque

Hydraulic system pressure, larger hydraulic flow

Big size chassis, more stability


Newly designed workfinder with better stress distribution

Hydraulic system modular design, strong versatility is stronger

New hard tersons and wire harness layouts and fixed methods, reduce the fault rate

Circuit delay closing the switch, improve security


New on-board platform, security is greatly improved

All DC LED lighting provides the best night vision capabilities

Guaranteed anti-pipeline rupture safety valve

Operation and Maintenance Convenience

Ground maintenance improvement

Oil level and hydraulic oil level monitoring visualization (monitor panel display)

Spacious, convenient maintenance channel

Liebherr G7 Series> </ P>
 <p align = Liebherr G7 series

Liebhael unique technology advantage

High-voltage common rail engine manufactured by Liebherr Swiss factory, fuel injection pressure can reach 2000 bar, higher than the industry's classics.

new design and manufacturing make fuel consumption further reduced

New design and manufacturing make fuel consumption to reduce

The new design and manufacturing make fuel consumption reduced. Using a fixed cross-section turbocharger, better reliability. The maintenance cost is lower. Different exhaust gas treatment devices can be configured according to emission requirements.

adopts a median closed electrical control positive flow independently allocated Hydraulic system> </ p>
 <p align = Independently allocated hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is independently allocated with a median closed electrical control positive flow. The modular design of the main control valve realizes function expansion, the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system can reach 380 bar, the maximum pressure of 400 bar (independent return system), and the performance performance is greatly improved. Electrical control positive flow design makes composite actions more coordinated, adjust traffic according to different requirements to achieve optimal control accuracy. Independent Rotary Closed Systems and Bucket Convergence Improve Equipment Work Performance and Efficiency.

The excavation, traction and rotation torque of the new G7 generation device are significantly improved. At the same time, the G7 series is designed with a new structure of work, optimizes rotary driven load curves and inertia to further reduce fuel consumption and extend service life.

New generation products provide a higher security standard. The entire upper body platform is equipped with a full coverage. In order to make the work more comfortable, a pneumatic seat with vertical and longitudinal suspension is equipped. The touch screen can easily view the liquid level of engine oil, hydraulic oil, fuel and urea. LEDs completely replaced the halogen lamp, extended its service life, lowered power consumption, and significantly increased the visibility of night construction.

Liebhar has been working hard to develop advanced technology and high-performance products. Liebherr G7 product R930 has been in Dalian's limestone mining before domestic sales, and 1.9 cubic heavy buckets are configured.


Limestone operation 2495 hours, comprehensive fuel consumption of 18.4 l / h, various performance is very excellent.


The first G7 series equipment has been delivered smoothly in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Fujian, and Tibet. More new products will continue to launch the market in the middle of the year, so stay tuned!