Get your excavator the top quality track bolts

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Track bolts are also known as fang bolts. They are used to secure steel rails and rail chairs to fasten rail joints to connect rails. The track bolt could be inserted through a hole in a rail tie with a flanged nut embedded in the lower surface of the tie.

We offer more than 1,000 different bolt products with various grip lengths. Heat treatment technology and CNC fine process are used during production. This is to ensure that products are of precise dimension. Using phosphating surface burning ensures the surface is rust free.

We provide the common size of track bolts for your excavator, like 20*57. 

The 20-57 track bolts are common and can be used on most models of excavator like CAT320


Our bolts match with matching hardened washers and nuts, which produces high clamp loads, like the M20*57

Other track bolts & nuts are also available like 16*53

To get more size of track bolts & nuts, click YanGu track bolts