100+ Chinese Excavators Building New Tangshan Hospital in 7 Days to Beat the Wuhan Coronavirus

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In order to strengthen the treatment of patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Chinese government will build Xiaotangshan Hospital in Wuhan with reference to the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the SARS prevention and treatment in 2003. With 25,000 square meters of the construction area and 1,000 beds capacity, this hospital will be completed before February 3rd to treat the patients in Wuhan.

What is the Xiaotangshan Hospital?

In April 2003, when the SARS epidemic was at its worst, the Chinese government launched the military forces to build a “Chinese People’s Liberation Army Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital” urgently on the basis of the original Beijing Xiaotangshan Regional Hospital, called Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital.

In order to complete the construction mission, the Third Bureau of China Railway received orders and build the Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital within 7 days, with 25,000 square meters construction area, 1,000 beds capacity and all the equipment equipped as standard for infectious disease hospitals, including consultation rooms, oxygen stations, morgues, incinerators, septic tanks, but also dedicated access channels, dedicated channels for medical staff, disinfection systems, call systems, suction systems, oxygen pipeline systems, sewage treatment systems, living supply center, liquefied gas supply station, rain cover, Kushiro, isolation, and other facilities.



Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital picked 680 SARS patients, which was one-tenth of the global cases and one-seventh of the Chinese cases. It is a miracle that none of the 1,383 medical staff who took part in treatment and care were infected, and the cure rate is 98%.

The 25,000-square-meter temporary building rushed to build for 7 days and 7 nights, which has been called by experts from WHO: “A miracle in the history of world medical treatment.”

Benefits of building Xiaotangshan Hospital

Why build the Xiaotangshan Hospital? What are the benefits of building Xiaotangshan Hospital to bring all related cases together for treatment:

1) The spread of infectious disease sources in different hospitals is likely to cause mutual infection of patients of different diseases, which is not conducive to controlling the spread of the virus.

2) To achieve special treatment, maximize the process efficiency of equipment and medical staff, and achieve the epidemic control as soon as possible.

3) Expert medical personnel concentrate on patient treatment, optimize the efficiency of treatment and communication.

4) It can be dismantled after completing the disease control and return the occupied area to the local government.


How to build a Xiaotangshan hospital within 7 days?

1) Choose a suitable place

2) Design layout and find the construction union

3) Leveling construction

4) Water, electricity, and media

5) List needed equipment

6) Construct temporary buildings and wards

7) Complete the procurement, transportation, installation, and inspection of all equipment

8) Medical staff enters the field

Construction of Wuhan Xiaotangshan Hospital.

Wuhan Xiaotangshan Hospital is located in Wuhan Staff Sanatorium, Zhidian Lake, Canadian, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. On January 24th, 2020 before Chinese New Year’s Eve, more than 100+ Komatsu parts excavators have entered for site formation work.


With 25,000 square meters of the construction area and 1,000 beds capacity, Wuhan Xiaotangshan Hospital is expected to be completed with the longest time on February 3, 2020, and the longest completion time is 9 days. All the construction is responsible for China Railway Three Bureau Group Co., Ltd.


The doctors, nurses, and carers of Wuhan Xiaotangshan Hospital are composed of volunteers, from all over the country and local medical professionals in Wuhan.


Zhang Yanling, the president of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital before, was ordered to Wuhan to assist in the construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital.

The construction speed of Xiaotangshan Hospital, not only does it represent China’s economic strength, but also reflects the importance of Chinese government departments, infrastructure companies, medical experts, and logistics companies, etc. They always come to the forefront of the critical moments that the country and the people need, and they are courageous and worthy of reference and learning from all the countries around the world.


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