So why does the excavator move slowly? Today I will teach you a few tricks to let you easily solve the problem of slow excavator movement.

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So why does the excavator move slowly? Today I will teach you a few tricks to let you easily solve the problem of slow excavator movement.

『Parts move slowly』


When a single action is implemented, the operation is slow, including walking, arms lifting, turning, bucket turning and other operations. In this case, the cause of the failure can generally be found in three aspects.

  1. Failure of the component itself

    That is, the moving part itself receives poor information or poor contact during the implementation process, or the pressure of the relief valve of the relevant component itself is too low. The excavator hand can beat the part to see if there are loose screws or pressure tests to perform maintenance.

  2. Failure in the conduction process

    That is, a failure occurs during the command transmission process, which hinders the transmission of the command signal, so you can focus on checking the condition of the pump, low-pressure sensor and multi-way valve to see if there is a failure.

  3. Failure of the operation center

    That is to say, the center of the excavator issued a fault, which caused the signal to be unable to be sent. This situation is generally more complicated and requires professional maintenance guidance. You can carefully check the relevant solenoid valve failure and whether the spool is stuck.

『The excavator moves slowly』


  1. Hydraulic system

    The hydraulic system is one of the power systems of the excavator. If the entire vehicle of the excavator is slow, the hydraulic system should be checked to see if there is daily maintenance on time and whether the hydraulic oil is regularly replaced. The expired hydraulic oil will not only affect the performance of the excavator but also corrode the hydraulic wall of the excavator. At the same time, the hydraulic oil circuit and the oil return filter element should be checked for clogging. If there is a blockage, the oil circuit should be cleaned, and the parts should be replaced in severe cases.

  2. The engine power is too low

    As the hydraulic system, the engine is also one of the power systems of the excavator. The low engine power will result in low output power, and the excavator will hold back, making the excavator move slowly.

  3. Hydraulic pump

    The output of the hydraulic pump is insufficient, which is one of the conduction failures of the hydraulic system. The excavator hand can enter the service diagnosis system to perform the relevant pressure test to see if the excavator moves slowly due to the conduction of the hydraulic pump.

『The heat engine moves slowly』


  1. Check the oil

    Check whether the fuel used meets the requirements of the excavator. If the fuel has not been replaced for too long, or the oil is too dirty, you need to replace the fuel. At the same time, if copper shavings are attached to the oil inlet filter, it will scratch the main pump and cause wear. At this time, clean the filter.

  2. The filter element is blocked

    The blockage of the filter element will lead to a non-smooth oil path, so check whether the pilot filter element, oil return filter element, and oil suction filter element are blocked. If the filter element is blocked, the blocking substance needs to be cleaned, and the filter element needs to be replaced in serious cases.

  3. Main pump conditioner

    The piston of the main pump conditioner is stained with mud. Most of the daily work of the excavator is dealing with mud, so the piston is also inevitably stained with mud. However, the blockage of the piston will cause the pump pressure of the main pump to decrease and the output power to decrease Make the excavator move slowly. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the excavator should clean up the mud in various parts.