How many gears does an excavator have?

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Excavator gears are an important part of the walking and rotating reduction gearboxes. The general gears are planetary gear reduction structures. 

Generally, the minimum single-stage reduction is 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and the speed of the reducer generally does not exceed 3. However, some customized gearboxes with large reduction ratios have a 4-stage reduction. 

The gears of the excavator travel reducer generally consist of 2-3 stage reductions, and the rotary reducer generally consists of 2-stage reductions. 

The gear is divided into a traveling reduction motor assembly and a slewing reduction motor assembly. Both are important parts of the excavator.

 The traveling power transmission route: diesel engine-coupling-hydraulic pump (mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy)— —Distribution valve—central rotary joint—travel motor (hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy)—reduction gearbox—driving wheel-rail chain crawler—realize walking, rotation motion transmission route: diesel engine—coupling— Hydraulic pump (mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy)-distribution valve-slewing motor (hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy)-reduction box-slewing ring-realizes rotation, the function of the gear is mainly to transmit driving force, which can convert a  rotation of the root shaft is transmitted to another shaft. Different gears can have different functions. 

It can complete the speed reduction, increase speed, direction change, and equal posture of the mechanical equipment. Most mechanical equipment can not be separated from the gears. 

What is included in a reducer assembly?  The walking reducer assembly is composed of a first-stage gear assembly, a second-stage gear assembly, sun gear, central shaft, motor shaft, gear rim, and motor cover as a whole. There are some customized machines. The model has a three-stage gear assembly, the rotary reducer assembly is similar to the walking reducer assembly, and the rotary reducer has an extra vertical shaft.

Whether it’s a walking gear or a slewing gear, we have the excavator gear you want. 

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