Operation skills of excavator lifting

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1. Lifting with a hook

The excavator uses a bucket to lift heavy objects when lifting items, but we drivers generally like to hang directly on the teeth of the bucket for lifting. If it is lifted in this way, if the arms are too high, it will easily cause falling off.


Have you noticed that there are round holes or hook-shaped hooks behind the bucket? If we need to lift a relatively high position, it is best to use the hook behind the bucket for lifting. This may be a waste of time when hoisting. But at least the rope will not fall off.

2. First straighten the bottom of the track

This is the easiest thing for the excavator driver to ignore, that is, when lifting the items, the underside of the crawler should be straightened. At this time, some people may say, when did the digging machine go up the mountain and down the river to be afraid? It doesn't matter if it's uneven. This is a big mistake, it doesn't matter if the trench is uneven. However, if the lifting is uneven, the body is likely to sway back and forth: first, it is not good for the car, and second, the items and the body shake, the lifting of things is too unsafe.


3. Maintain the same direction of the fuselage and the track

When lifting heavy objects, try to keep the fuselage and the track in the same direction. Because experienced drivers know it. The length of the track of the excavator is much larger than the width so that the site will be more stable when lifting heavy objects. This is especially the case when lifting items that are not visible because if the track is the same as the body when the body is lifted, there is room for danger.


4. The correct method of hoisting on slopes

Excavators are often used to lift items uphill. If the items are too large or heavy, such as natural gas pipelines, cables, too long, or too large, those who like to go uphill on the back of the excavator, although the rear The sight is not good, there is a chance to let go at a critical time, and remember not to over-rotate.


5. A half slope lifting operation

This situation has been rectified in terraces and natural gas has been hoisted in recent years. Wind power towers are relatively common when installed. The correct way of hoisting is: repair the platform and then hoist at the place where hoisting is needed. First, the lifting angle can be in place. Less damage to the machine, the second is for your own safety.


Precautions when lifting

1. The hoisting is followed, the boom is prioritized, and the boom and the two arms are not used when the boom is not in place. The reason is that this heavy object is relatively close to the car. Powerful and steady.

2. The hoisting is followed, and the tracked car body is the same. Do not take the items too high during hoisting. In special cases, drop the heavy object first.


3. Lifting and rotating, do not take the items too high. Don't spin too fast. In special cases, heavy objects are dropped.

4. The hoisting items are in place. Can't be very dry. Need to communicate with the construction personnel, take it easy and take it easy, pay attention to the safety of the personnel and themselves.

5. Lifting items uphill. First build the road, it is recommended to reverse the uphill. The key is to let go. And don't hit yourself.