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30278 PC200-6 Enigine Piston

Item Number : PC200-6

Category : ENGINE PARTS>Enigine Piston

Application : PC200-6

Specifications : 

Unit : /

MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1


-------- Enigine Piston

Pistons are part of reciprocating engines, reciprocating pumps, gas compressors and cylinders and other similar mechanisms. It is a moving part that is held by a cylinder and is airtight by the piston ring. In an engine, the purpose is to transfer force from the expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft via a piston rod or connecting rod. In the pump, the function is reversed and the force is transmitted from the crankshaft to the piston in order to compress or discharge the fluid in the cylinder. In some engines, the piston also acts as a valve by covering and exposing the ports in the cylinder.


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