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12245 Bucket Adapter

Item Number : PC200

Category : UNDERCARRIAGE>Bucket Adapter

Application : PC200

Specifications : 4.0

Cross Reference : 205-939-7120-40

Unit : /

MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1

Undercarriage Parts

------Bucket Tooth, Bucket adapter

  • Bucket Tooth

  • Bucket adapter


We   provide  a   collection  of   bucket teeth, adapter  for  matching  your  for excavators,  loaders   and   bulldozers. Teeth   are    used   in    very   extreme environments, which it is necessary to purchase a quality brand.

11_20191127172903.pngAdapters deliver   strength,  durability, performance   and    productivity.  Our excavator bucket teeth and adapters are made from  alloy  steel.Using constant abrasive  material   plays  an important role on strength and hardness. 

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