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13019 Flywheel Ring Gear

Item Number : 6BD1/6BG1/DB58

Category : ENGINE PARTS>Flywheel Ring Gear

Application : 6BD1/6BG1/DB58

Specifications : Number of teeth:129 Outer diameter:393 Inside diameter:361 Thickness:20

Unit : /

MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1

Engine Parts

------Flywheel Ring Gear

Flywheel Ring Gear is a medium carbon steel ring with teeth that is fitted on the periphery of a flex plate or flywheel of the internal combustion engine, the teeth of which are driven by the smaller gears of the starter motor. 


The main function of the flywheel ring gear is to transfer torque from the starter motor pinion to the flywheel or flex plate to rotate the engine to begin the cycle.

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