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13078 Glow Plug

Item Number : J05/J08

Category : ENGINE PARTS>Glow Plug

Application : J05/J08

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MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1


------Glow Plug

The glow plug is a pencil-shaped piece of metal with a heating element at the tip that heats up due to its electrical resistance and begins 

to emit light in the visible spectrum. It is a heating device for assisting in starting a diesel 

engine. In  cold  weather, high-speed diesel 

engines may be difficult to start because the mass  of the  cylinder  block and the cylinder head absorbs the heat of compression; thereby preventing ignition. The pre-chamber engine uses a glow plug inside the pre-combustion chamber. These glow plugs are present in the combustion chamber of a direct injection engine.



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