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29713 Track Link

Item Number : (45link:E320S.E325.E325B/C.SK250-4.SK220-1/3/5HD.)E329(50节:SK290LC.)(51节:SK270LC-4.SK300LC-3/4)(48link:SK2

Category : UNDERCARRIAGE>Track Chain

Application : (45link:E320S.E325.E325B/C.SK250-4.SK220-1/3/5HD.)E329(50节:SK290LC.)(51节:SK270LC-4.SK300LC-3/4)(48link:SK2

Specifications : 179/129/20*67

Unit : item(s)

MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1

Undercarriage Parts

------Track Chain/Track Chain Link

A track chain is used by the track cycling chainset to connect the forward motion generated by pedalling to the sprocket/rear wheel to generate forward movement.

The track chain is a serial assembly of connected piece. It is made up of multiple track chain links, generally a metal chain or ring, which is mostly used for excavator transmission and traction.


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