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19175 Travel Reducer Assembly

Item Number : E320/B

Category : GEARS>Travel Reducer Assembly

Application : E320/B

Specifications : 4 holes , 13:14

Unit : piece(s)

MOQ : 1

Packing amount : 1

The walking reduction gear,also called the final drive ratio,is the last bit of gearing between your transmission and the driven wheels. By changing it, you can affect the performance of your car, rather dramatically in some cases.

In general, a lower final drive ratio will lead to less torque at the wheels but a higher top speed. Meanwhile, a higher ratio will result in the opposite, i.e. more torque at the wheels but a lower top speed. Remember, this is done without any change to the power and torque of the engine.

Since torque is what helps you accelerate, a higher final drive ratio will give you better acceleration. The catch is that your engine also needs to work harder, i.e. produce more revs, for a given speed, so the higher your final drive ratio the more fuel you’ll be using.


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