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20587 Flange Track Bush

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Category : UNDERCARRIAGE>Track Bush

Specifications : 47.3*31*105

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Packing amount : 1

Undercarriage Parts

------Track Shoes/Track Bush

Track Shoes

Track Bush

  • Track  shoes  allow  your  excavator  to  operate  on various   terrain ,    providing    traction   for   the  machine and protection for the link assembly.

  • However,  rubber  track shoes have rubber attached to the grouse r to  offer  better  traction and  contact surfaces for  safe use  in  applications  that may be damaged by steel track shoes.



  • Along  with the  pin,  track  bushings  serves only to hold the track links together. Bushing acts as a hinge with pin of adjacent section.

  • We provide a collection  of  high quality track shoes and track bushings for your machine

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