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25731 Air Hose for Komatsu

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Category : HOSE/TUBE/RUBBER/PIPE>Air Pipe>Air Pipe for Komatsu

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Cross Reference : P0046F 201-01-73210

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------Water Hose/Air Pipe/ Pressure Pipe

-(1)A premium rubber hose that can take the temperature from -80 to 300 degrees, can be used for hot and cold water applications.

-(2) Made of re-engineered materials to resist vacuum collapse

-(3) Installs without buckling, bending out of shape.




Reliable test: ozone resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance test, smoke test, liquid resistance test, hot air accelerated aging test.

Applicable performance: hydraulic resistance, pulse test, electrical conductivity, water tightness, air tightness.

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